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Encircled by the cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka stands as a small but proud country with a history that dates back to over 2500 years. Our island nation is a paradise on earth that welcomes visitors with the warmth of hospitality and friendship. Visit Colombo is an attempt to spread the word around the globe about the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

We, at Visit Colombo are passionate and driven to promote our island nation as a tourist destination. We look forward to inspire travellers from around the world to visit and explore Sri Lanka to witness the rich heritage, golden beaches, exotic wildlife and much more that will fulfil anyone’s dream holiday.

Visit Colombo is a business that was launched in February 2015.  Our key goal is to contribute to the increase of visitor numbers and promote what Sri Lanka and Colombo has to offer to its visitors. With a budding tourism industry Sri Lanka has potential and scope to develop into one of the world’s top tourist hotspots. Our expectation is to tap into this potential to increase visitor spending in each part of Sri Lanka, through online promotion. We look forward to work with all stakeholders in the industry to improve the image of Sri Lanka as a world class tourist destination. With increased traveller spending we hope to see Sri Lanka’s tourism industry flourish with an enlarged traveller economy.

Our website sums up the ultimate travel experience one could have in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital. Whether it is a star rated hotel or budget accommodations Visit Colombo will assist you to make the right choice. From booking a hotel to grabbing a bite to eat in Colombo will be easy with Visit Colombo. We offer you a range of choices with regard to accommodation, dining, travelling, places to visit etc so you are equipped and well aware of what to look for once you set foot in Colombo city.

Visit Colombo’s objective is to enable the visitor to have the best holiday experience with convenience and ease by guiding the visitor with information that would help him to find the most suitable hotel, the best restaurants and the numerous places of interest to see in Colombo. It is our desire to see travellers having a good time in Colombo with convenience at their side and making memories that would last a lifetime. 

Colombo is by far the most happening city in Sri Lanka! From the busy street hawkers in the noisy bazaars of the Pettah area to the blue collared, tie-clad businessmen that flock the World Trade Centre, Colombo is where the 'rubber meets the road'. It is the where the businessmen shake hands and sign multimillion dollar contracts. It is where the Tea Auctions, which traders from all over the world visit, is held. It is where the east meets the west. In short, Colombo is where the nation's heart beats.

Colombo Town Hall

About Colombo

For a long time, Colombo was just an uninteresting, unavoidable and sometimes dangerous, transit to the island’s more sought-after tourist destinations elsewhere. In recent years however, Colombo has refashioned itself as a popular tourist hotspot offering many cultural, historical and nightlife attractions.




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