Mount Lavinia Beach



Turning south from the Capital city of Colombo, one can arrive in Mount Lavinia within 30 minutes. The suburb is called Mount Lavinia owing to the nostalgic love story of two star -crossed lovers. Sir Thomas Maitland, governor of Ceylon then, who fell in love with the local dancing girl; Lovina has dedicated the Governor’s residence to his only love. Their love’s monument is still preserved and stands today as the Mount Lavinia Hotel. The graceful statue of “Lady” Lovina is still seen when entering Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Mount Lavinia is also known among the locals as ‘Galkissa’ which means rocky area and legend has it that a treasure trove from a ship wreck is hidden beneath the rocks the beach. However, today the beach is known as a place for family outings. The beach is certainly not as picturesque as Unawatuna but it is a nice getaway if one needs the beach, the sun and the sea breeze. It is advisable to swim with groups and near the shoreline because it is not a bay. From manoic chips to swim suits vendors sell a variety of items along the beach. You can relax and enjoy the golden sand, the warmth of the sun and the breathtaking view of the sun set if you visit the Mount Lavinia Beach.

Mount Lavinia Beach

Diverting a little for an educational excursion, all you need is to take a stroll towards the south of the beach and you will stumble upon the sea turtle hatchery. It is not a large scale turtle hatchery but if you are looking forward to see and pet baby sea turtles and learn more about turtle conservation this would be an ideal visit.

If you are looking for a high end dining experience the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Governor’s Restaurant is the perfect place to have a meal. Along the beach area you could also dine in at restaurants such La Voile Blanche, Golden Mile, Loon Tao, Belize and Lavinia Breeze. Places such as the Beach Hut and Shore by O are ideal if you are looking for a more casual dining experience.

 The night life in Mount Lavinia is quite happening as well. Several establishments such as La Viole Blanche, California Grill have chic bars and for a more earthy experience of the night life in Mount Lavinia many frequent places such as Buba and Boat House. Beach parties are often organised by these establishments and special events such the Jazz Music Festival held by the Mount Lavinia Hotel could be enjoyed as well.

For a truly blissful relaxing time ayurvedic spa treatments are available at top notch spas like Anarva Ayurvedic spa.

Mount Lavinia beach will keep you occupied whether you are fond of outdoors or looking for a totally relaxed holiday with golden sunsets and the mystique that surrounds our exotic island.

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