Colombo 04 (Bambalapitiya)



A suburb of Colombo numbered Colombo 04, Bambalapitiya is yet another bustling town here in Sri Lanka's commercial capital. The city is centred around one of Sri Lanka’s large shopping malls, Majestic City, which draws hundreds of visitors each day. 

Majestic City features many stores that offer dresses, men’s clothing, perfumes, electronic items, DVDs, Toys and so much more. The popular Majestic Cinema complex features quite a few movie theatres offering a variety of movies in 3D and 2D.

Similar to Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya also features a plethora of restaurants, eateries, pubs, clubs and casinos adding to the entertainment value of the city. Casa Colombo, a boutique hotel, is probably the best up market hotel in Bambalapitiya while Pearly City Hotel is also a preferred option for travellers. The Marine Drive area is dotted with many hotels, inns and guesthouses which are ideal for short, low-budget accommodation.


Majestic City Shopping Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Majestic City Shopping Centre

This is a well known shopping destination among many who live in Colombo. It is not only known for shopping, but also for entertainment and cuisine. Majestic City is found in Bambalapitiya , along the Galle Road towards the west coastline. Majestic City is a busy complex. Crowded almost every day. It is also a popular place for all youth around Colombo to hang around with friends and have fun. You will find a variety of shops offering apparels, furniture, electronic goods, jewelry and many more.




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