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Being a multi-ethnic country Sri Lanka is blessed with a diverse and eclectic cuisine. Lamprais is one such product thanks to the diverse culture and communities in Sri Lanka. The Dutch Burgher community has carried on the cooking of traditional lamprais although now we get lamprais in almost every restaurant that serves lunch. However the usual lamprais that you will come across is often a greasy lunch packet which does not have the features of the authentic lamprais. So in case you are planning to enjoying a delicious lamprais the VOC cafe of the Dutch Burgher Union is one of the few places that offers the traditional and authentic lamprais in Colombo.

The VOC cafe has been in existence for the past twenty years and it is popular for its lamprais, the yellow rice and the black pork curry. The VOC cafe is located in the bustling Thunmulla junction in Colombo 4 and it can be found without much inconvenience. The lovely shade of the frangipani trees inside the cafe premises and the sweet aroma of the steaming rice will welcome you when you step into the VOC cafe. Lunch packets are available for takeaway, so it is crowded during lunchtime. By around two pm almost all the lamprais packets are over as it is the most sought after item in their menu.

The steamed rice cooked with stock smells great and makes you hungry just as you open the moist banana leaf in which the rice is wrapped. The lamprais is accompanied with sweet brinjal which is known as the brinjal pahe and it also includes prawn paste, cutlets, a fired egg,chicken pieces and seeni sambal (chopped onion cooked with chilli and caramelized sugar). The meal is both rich and filling and it is also available with the option of the mixed meat curry instead of chicken.

Their signature dish which is the black pork curry is given with the yellow rice which comes with a range of accompaniments. If you do not prefer pork the yellow rice can be ordered with chicken or fish. The yellow rice includes chutney, creamy potato curry, sweet brinjal and cutlets. They also have the traditional ghee rice which is also served with accompaniments.

They are open from 11 am to 10 pm everyday and during lunchtime they have a buffet which includes Sri Lankan style dishes. For the dinner menu VOC cafe offers a string hopper meal and a hopper meal which includes accompaniments and meat dishes including the popular black pork curry.

Apart from these items they have the usual snack items like, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, pork chops, fish and chips etc. Their specialties include the black pork curry, beef smore, milk wine and homemade ginger beer.

The VOC cafe is a simple and an ideal choice for lunch and if you are looking forward for a Sri Lankan style meal or the authentic lamprais wrapped in banana leaf VOC cafe is an obvious choice.

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Venue Details & Map

VOC - Dutch Burgher Union

114 Reid Avenue, Colombo 04

Tel: +94 112 584 511

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