VOC Cafe at Dutch Burgher Union

Being a multi-ethnic country Sri Lanka is blessed with a diverse and eclectic cuisine. Lamprais is one such product thanks to the diverse culture and communities in Sri Lanka. The Dutch Burgher community has carried on the cooking of traditional lamprais although now we get lamprais in almost every restaurant that serves lunch.

Coco Veranda

Coco Veranda is a chic coffee shop that many people frequent especially for their range of coffee based beverages. Compared to other coffee shops Coco Veranda does coffee in a classy and good quality fashion and their menu for snacks and meals is also quite extensive compared to other coffee shops.

The Mel's Tea Cafe

The family managed cafe is hidden in a nook in Borella, amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy city. You would instantly feel as if you entered an up country when you step into the cafe. It has seating in a spacious garden area surrounded with lush foliage and the interior is also available if you prefer indoors.


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