Colombo 03 (Kollupitiya)

For the discerning and weary holiday maker visiting Colombo, probably no other city offers more variety, dining and entertainment options than Kollupitya aka Colpetty. The area numbered Colombo 03 is one of Colombo’s most popular business cum residential districts, housing many organisations ranging from large conglomerates to banks, IT companies, government institutions, diplomatic offices and hotels. Luxury condominiums and apartment complexes are also aplenty in Kollupitiya.

Colombo 04 (Bambalapitiya)

A suburb of Colombo numbered Colombo 04, Bambalapitiya is yet another bustling town here in Sri Lanka's commercial capital. The city is centred around one of Sri Lanka’s large shopping malls, Majestic City, which draws hundreds of visitors each day.

Mount Lavinia

Located a 20 minute drive south from the heart of Colombo, Mt. Lavinia is a well-populated largely a middle class and mostly residential suburb famed for its beaches. For decades Mt. Lavinia has been considered a hot spot for many a tourist to enjoy the golden beach stretching out for a couple of miles.

Colombo 06 (Wellawatte)

Located immediately south of Bambalapitiya the city of Wellawatte is a busy and densely populated town with many textile and jewellery shops as well as restaurants and apartment complexes. A vast majority of the people living in Wellawatte are Tamils hence many of these shops too are owned by them. One of the city’s icons, the Savoy Cinema located on the border of the city has been one of Colombo’s favourite entertainment venues for many decades while the Wellawatte Beach, home to the Kinross Swimming and Life Saving Club, is also a very popular attraction here.

Tea Cafes in Colombo

Though Sri Lanka is inherently a tea drinking nation only during recent times that cafes have been opening up primarily focusing on tea. Tea Cafes in Colombo.

VOC Cafe at Dutch Burgher Union

Being a multi-ethnic country Sri Lanka is blessed with a diverse and eclectic cuisine. Lamprais is one such product thanks to the diverse culture and communities in Sri Lanka. The Dutch Burgher community has carried on the cooking of traditional lamprais although now we get lamprais in almost every restaurant that serves lunch.

Arcade Independence Square Colombo

Arcade-Independence Square is located in Colombo 7 and is part of the process of beautifying Colombo. There have been a number of such refurbishments, thus introducing Sri Lanka, especially Colombo, to a culture that is still new to the country. The buildings that were once the Auditor General’s Office have now been transformed into one the best places to relax, shop and dine in Colombo.

Light House Galley Colombo

You will find the Light House Galley opposite to the Light House in Colombo and the port seen a few miles away. This is a court yard restaurant managed by the Sri Lanka Navy. What attracts this restaurant is the inconspicuous charm surrounding it. The restaurant is in the middle of the busy city architecture at the heart of Colombo. Light House Galley is well known good food and disciplined service.


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