Rajagiriya, Battaramulla and Kotte

The Rajagiriya,Battaramulla and Kotte areas are one of the fastest developing areas on the outskirts of Colombo City. Located just 10 minutes away from the heart of Colombo, these 3 areas are centred on the historic Diyawanna Oya and formed an integral part of the Kotte Kingdom which flourished during the 15th Century AD.

Diyatha Uyana Colombo

The busy and crowded capital city of Colombo doesn’t have many spaces to relax and enjoy the outdoors unless you go to a club such as a Golf club or a Rowing club for which you would usually need membership. The concept of Diyatha Uyana was welcomed as a novel and refreshing change for Colombo city dwellers and tourists probably due to this reason.


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