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Exceptionally fresh seafood, a friendly staff and yummy, mouth watering dishes are all part of ‘Off the Hook’. This newly opened seafood restaurant has become a quite popular restaurant in Colombo during the few months since it started.

The ambience at Off the Hook has the nautical or fishy theme written all over the place. The interior is decorated with fishing ropes and the walls are painted in a fading blue which gives you a feeling as if you are dining near a port. The restaurant is located in a fairly peaceful area where too much hustle and bustle is not around. When you drive along the Park Road in Colombo 6, Off the Hook could be found just near the Park Hospital.

The restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisine which spreads along the Thai, Sri Lankan, Japanese Western, and Chinese cuisines. The menu is set according to the cuisine and you can choose the method of preparation after you choose the seafood that is stored in ice at the back of the restaurant. After you choose the seafood, then you can order a sauce and a side to go with it. The classic prawn cocktail, calamari, fried handella fish are some of the crispy starters they have on the menu. They have a soup prepared in Jaffna styled cooking and if you look forward to a fiery treat you can order the Jaffna style curried seafood soup.

You will be served a free platter of bread rolls and this is not the usual bread basket with butter. Adding an interesting twist to the old bread basket, Off the Hook serves pol sambal as a spread for the bread rolls instead of butter and the pol sambal indeed serves as a superb spread. Baked Crab, Lobster thermidor, grilled fish fillets are available along with sides like mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables. But if you want a more Sri Lankan experience do try the kalu pol curry or the red or white curry with steamed rice.

Off the Hook offers a sushi and the sashimi range as part of their Japanese cuisine along with Nigiri and a morawaise platter. The salmon roll which is the shake maki is quite yummy. It quite of putting when the sushi rice is too sticky but the salmon roll had perfect sticky rice. In the middle of this bed of sticky rice was a fresh piece of salmon and when the tightly wrapped sushi is dipped in soy sauce and wasabi the flavour is marvellous. They also offer a combination of seafood for two people which consists of yellow fin tuna, lobster, mussels, lagoon crab, shrimps etc. Apart from all seafood dishes they offer fried rice, pasta and stir fired noodles as well. The creamy mushroom pasta is perfect because it is not too creamy and not too dry with generous helpings of shredded mushroom.

Though the prices at off the Hook are a little high, it is understandable due to the fact that seafood is pricey and they do not seem to lower the quality of their dishes. So it is a refreshing and a new experience to dine at Off the Hook and all the sea food lovers are definitely in for a treat.

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Off the Hook

180, Park Road, Havelock Town, Colombo 05

Tel: +94 11 2 505818

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